Evolv Marverick Bouldering Crash Pad

by ako shillitoe
Posted: 19th Jun 2013
Tags: Evolv, Evolv Wingman Crash Pad, light weight pad, Marverick Crash Pad

Evolv Marverick crash pad


 A little review by Tom Woodcock



  • Lightweight (12 lb 1 oz) Lightest pad I've ever carried!
  • Taco style able to store lots in it with large over lapping flap keeping everything in it.
  • 2 closures saves time opening / closing it, less faffy.
  • Decent foam, last well over last 12 months x 3 trips away and regular weekend use
  • robust, appears well put together and corners reinforced with protection
  • Waist belt fits well and takes all weight on them long Walk-ins

All round good mid size pad. Similar in size and spec to Black Diamond Drop Zone but much lighter with a very affective carrying system and decent foam. Substantial thickness which I feel beats it's Moon, Black Diamond competitors although you will get a wet back and have wet foam (no plastic protection inside) if you chuck it a puddle at Almscliff.

Competitively priced but the stand out bright colours take a while to fade!!!Good 8/10 which is impressive ...from a shoe company.

★Availvable at the depot shop and online £180 (RRP £190)



Evolv Wingman crash pad

The perfect top layer pad that fills in the cracks and makes an even landing surface on a stack of crash pads. The Wingman folds in half for easy transportation inside your large pad and makes for a great sit start pad for those low starts.

                                                                                    £45.00 (RRP £50.00)



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