Evolv Shaman

by James Whitcroft
Posted: 4th Jun 2011

The Depot are pleased to announce that we finally have stock of the eagerly awaited Shaman rock shoe from Evolv. Chris Sharma developed this shoe to perform at the highest level, just check out the spec.

The Shaman incorporates several key design elements that work synergistically to perform at the highest level: The big toe knuckle box and love bump midsole keeps the big toe in a position of power to obtain maximum strength for edging and grabbing; the tensioned heel and arch rand eliminates dead space in the arch for secure heel hooks and transfers power to the toes; the multi pattern lining (leather forefoot liner for increased sensitivity and feel, cotton heel for non-stretch performance), give the best feel and function for demanding climbs.

We now also have the limited edition Evolv Rasta Shamans in stock. See here.


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17.06.2011 07:34:07
Great looking shoe. Very aggressive fit, perfect for steep terrain.


17.06.2011 10:14:25
Good enough for Sharma - good enough for me!

Depot Shop

17.06.2011 10:16:50
Plenty in stock! come down and try a pair out...

Tom Newman

17.06.2011 18:22:27
steep terrain? Plenty of that at the Depot ;-)

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08.11.2011 05:34:21
That was some interesting stuff there. Thanks for posting it.


29.08.2012 21:19:30
I have been extremely psealed with the performance and durability of my optimus primes. Their downturned last maintains its shape with extended use. It has a great balance of comfort and performance. I found that they are my favorite shoe for vertical to steep terrain. They have just the right amount of stiffness to be great for edging but are soft enough for sensitivity. The heel cup is deep and feels very secure for heel hooking. I highly recommend the primes to anyone!