Five Ten Anasazi Shoe Review

by ako shillitoe
Posted: 26th Feb 2013
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 Long Live Anasazi's

My friends, (well almost everyone I have ever met) has been subjected to my various rants relating to, firstly my lack of height and even more significantly; the total deficiency of technical climbing shoes for those with feet smaller than a UK5! This situation was magnified when my car got broken into and my climbing bag stolen, containing the rare and treasured; triple pairs of size 3 down-toed boots!

So the search began…..and after 1 week I managed to acquire a pair of shoes from the Depot, in my size….Anasazi's!!
They are flat, medium stiff, Velcro's and… brown! So far from the, pointy, luminous talons I'd sought after.

Yet the Anasazi's are classic shoes for a reason and I would recommend them greatly for a whole host of factors:

1-They have lasted for a considerable time; 12 months of frequent bouldering (even the odd route!) and the toes are still going strong. The rubber has not peeled away, no glue come un-stuck and the Velcro remains attached, which for most shoes these days is something to aspire to!

2- I've tested them on a variety of rock and angles; from gritstone roofs at Almscliff and the Depot Beastmaker board, to slabs, limestone micro edges and pockets. The verdict is… that the shoes perform!

3- They were not as expensive as some of the other contenders these days; do we really need a mortgage to purchase rock shoes?! The Anasazi’s represent great value!

4- Finally, and perhaps most importantly…they are available still in a range of sizes, and for us smaller of foot this is crucial!!
Ok so don't get me wrong, I have still quested out some down-toed shoes, but as I'm thinking about retiring my emergency replacements from last year....I'm looking for simply a new pair to take their place.

They are a great pair of shoes and justified in their reputation as a classic; long may the 5:10 Anasazi live!!

 Reviewed by  Anna Shepherd

Anna is based in Otley West Yorkshire.

Favourite Crag 'Caley' Favourit problem 'Secret Seven F7b+ at Caley Road Side. Favourit wall 'The Depot'




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