Five Ten Kneon Knee Pad Reviewed by Tom Newman

by Tom Newman
Posted: 4th Feb 2013
Tags: Five Ten, Keon Knee Pad

The Five Ten knee pad has become an essential piece of kit for a number of climbing situations. Great for those big, long, enduro tufa monsters and also super helpful tool for the most marginal placements on boulder projects.

For me the knee pad felt almost too tight when wearing it for the first time. However, over time the pad has softened up nicely and it now works a treat. The Stealth Mystique Rubber really does provide significantly better grip for the knee than your standard homemade knee pad. The double strap system provides brilliant support whilst being worn and gives you that added confidence of stability when you are climbing.

The below links are just a few examples of how useful and effective the knee pad can really be when you want to get those personal projects crushed.


As shown in this next video, when using a bit of cunning the knee pad can be used for all forms of trickery if you just don’t quite have the strength to do the climb with the more powerful sequence.


Five Ten Knee Pad Availavle at the Depot Shop / Online




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