Organic Pad Review - By Dan Turner

by daniel crossdale
Posted: 21st Oct 2015
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Organic Pad Review - By Dan Turner


About Organic Climbing

“At Organic Climbing, USA we are committed to producing the best gear possible. Our products are designed to be functional, durable, and unique. Hand made in the U.S.A., each piece is one of-a-kind. We are an alternative to the industry mainstream. Influenced by the climbing underground, we work to promote individuality and the art of bouldering. Organic Climbing products bridge the simplicity of bouldering and timelessness of art. We believe in promoting individuality and are inspired by the underground art scene. At organic our goal is to produce the highest quality, functional and aesthetic products without any unneeded bells and whistles. Crafted with simplicity and longevity in mind we utilize the highest quality materials and put in the extra time to ensure every piece is unique and stands out. Our small scale of production allows us to focus on adding an artistic one of a kind touch to each piece and to talk directly to you, our customer”.


ORGANIC Climbing our story. from ORGANIC Climbing on Vimeo.


The underlying concept of these pads is they are built to last. If you were to describe them in three words it would be: Simple. Tough. Aesthetic.

The look:

You definitely know when an organic pad is at the crag. Organic’s unique bright and funky design stands out, making pictures on a dull British day look all that bit nicer. You won’t want to get it dirty!!

The Design:

Simplicity is at the heart. There are no unnecessary add-ons or zips to go wrong. Everything is bomb proof and stitched well. The shell is made out of 1050d ballistics shell and 1000d Cordura landing zone. This is tough material, hard to rip and stands up well to abuse. The side buckles are made from tough metal and are designed so they can be easily closed even with freezing hands. The plastic waist and chest buckles are big and simple to use. (An added benefit is that all these products are replaceable and can be bought from Organic Direct)

Carrying system:

All pads have large, fully adjustable shoulder straps with chest strap and a good waist strap. The pad is comfortable, sits well on your back and doesn’t move around meaning they are great for long walk-ins. There are also two height options. The shoulder straps are removable, but can be a bit fiddly, however there isn’t often any need to remove them. The plastic waist and chest buckles are big and simple to use. (An added benefit is that all these products are replaceable and can be bought from Organic Direct)

The Foam:

Probably the most important feature of a pad is the foam, this is just another reason organic pads stand out from the rest. Where most other pads, after a season on the blocks, lose their shape and become soft, Organic pads maintain their shape and firmness for many years. This is due to the quality of the foam. This means they are slightly heavier than most pads of similar size; however they are amazing to land on, even three years down the line.

So what Pad?

Organic have a range of pads and sizes, so it is import you choose a pad that is suitable for your need:

The Big Pad:

This is the largest in their range and a brief case design.

Open Size: 147cm by 116cm
Closed size: 73cm by 116cm

If you are looking for a single big pad then this is the one to go for. If you are looking to use it for big walkins on a regular basis maybe think about the 4inch pad to reduce some weight.

Available at The Depot Shop by clicking here.

The Full pad:

This is the medium range pad, a brief case design with a load strap and Velcro pocket.

Open size: 91cm by 122cm by 20cm
Closed size: 91cm by 60cm by 20cm

The load strap allows you to carry two pads at once without any need for other additional straps. This pad is perfect for the moorland warrior as it is light weight and super comfortable for the mega approach. Also would be a great pad for the jetsetter and flying pads on planes!

Available at The Depot Shop by clicking here.

The Half Pad

This is the smallest pad, a bit like a kick pad but thicker so you won’t bash your coxis (we have all been there).

Size: 91cm by 60cm by 7.5cm
Great as a little extra that will still protect you against a decent fall. It also a perfect partner for the full pad fits exactly into the load strap.

Available at The Depot Shop by clicking here.


A great lightweight starter pad from Organic. Great for low sit starts and covering seams between bigger pads.

Available at The Depot Shop by clicking here.


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