What's hot in the Depot shop

by Steve Dunning
Posted: 18th Oct 2011
Tags: five ten shoes

First up, Five Ten have sent some awesome products through. We have a whole selection of street style T's that could easily be worn in the city and you would certainly not look out of place. These are on sale for £24.99. They have combined this with some rather slick fitted caps. We have two styles in stock, both hats being proud of the brand. A good product to pop on when you have need to nip into town after a blustery day and you find yourself amongst the human civilization again (as opposed to sheep/cows) only costing £15 - not bad for looking the part.


Next is Evolv, who have supplied us with two new products that are pretty difficult to get hold of. Perfect chance to grab yourself a pad that is a bit different to the other pads at the crag. The first pad is what I would call a starter pad - not thick enough to warrant protecting a high ball problem but good enough to throw at the start of a problem or if there is an especially awkward section that needs covering. This pad is also good to place on top of the bigger pad to double up the landing zone. The mini pad is on offer at the depot for £45.



The Wingman.


The Maverick Pad from Evolv.

The next product is the Maverick pad. This has the 'taco' style design that has become increasingly popular - it has many advantages over the older style designs. Firstly it has no crease in the centre of the pad and therefore no line of weakness. Secondly it is easier to 'naturally' carry your kit in, meaning that the foam is not being misshaped by stuffing a bag in the middle. The pad also has durable and sturdy shoulder straps and a good waste belt. All in all, a great deal at £180.

Peak Bouldering £25

Up next we have the mega new Peak District Bouldering Guide. This guide is brilliantly composed, featuring great images and accurate information relating to problems and crag directions. The old guide was already a comprehensive guide to one of the best areas in the UK, but this adds another level. The cost of this book in the shop is £25, which is great value for money when you see the amount of climbing the book has on offer.

Lastly, if you are looking to keep warm at the boulders or cliffs, then you should look into rocking the new Prana Dutchman Flannel shirt. This has the American cowboy image down to the T. It keeps climbing cloths in line with actual trends and keeps climbing urban and cool. This shirt is on sale at the Depot for £55 and offers not only a trendy going out shirt, but a layer of clothing that will keep you seriously warm!



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