Dan Turner climbs Voyager Sit 8B+ (interview and images)

by Steve Dunning
Posted: 1st Dec 2017

Dan Turner Climbs Voyager Sit 8B+

Depot Sponsored climber Dan Turner has just made a (very) rare repeat of one of Ben Moon's seminal problems on the slopes of Burbage North.

Despite it's fame, and easy to access location, Voyager sit was only repeated for the first time in 2015, after almost 10 years. In spite of much effort on the behalf of many strong british climbers, Dan has now nabbed the 4th ascent of the problem, and we've been in touch to find out more.

  • Why did you want to do voyager sit?

I did the stand about 3 years ago, at the time, it blew my mind that I could even do that. Doing the Sit was a bit of a pipe dream, but after doing a few more harder boulders and playing on the start, I realised, if I had the
confidence that it was maybe possible.

  • How long did it take you?

All in all about 4 years (including the stand) and lots of journeys down the M1. A lot of sessions were pretty pointless but they were all part of the process I guess. 

  • You say you got close last season, so what's changed this year?

If you know me, you probably also know my reputation. I don't really hide my emotions and lots of times it gets the better of me. Therefore I have really tried to focus on improving my mental resilience. I have started using anapp called Headspace and I think it's gradually starting to help. 

Yeah I am probably marginally stronger, a little better at climbing but in reality I probably just approached it better this season.

  • I heard the holds are really sharp and you need really good cold conditions to have any amount of goes? Did you use any special hand creams or anything?

To a certain extent it's sharp but I think you adapt to that pretty quickly.  Conditions are tricky on that thing but if you keep turning up at some point you will get it right! 

I have recently started using antihydral (a cream that dries out the skin) however, I'm reluctant to acknowledge its effectiveness, as it really does depend from person to person.

  • Is this it then? Or are there other things you want to do?

Haha. It's a big (perceived) weight off my shoulders, but you will probably see me at the weekend having a meltdown at the crag. 
Yeah there are loads of things I want to do in the UK. Just got to manage my own expectations and do what I can in the time I have available. 

  • Any advice for projecting?

Whether it's trying to scale a little boulder or in general life. If you love doing it, put 100% effort into, give it everything, but don't let it define you! 

  • Any final words?

Massive thanks to everyone who has been there along the way, picked me up when I have been pretty fed up (you know who you are).

James and Jo Noble were really good company last season, so huge thanks to those guys. 

Thanks to the Depot Climbing Walls for the support, it's really appreciated!

Oh and thanks to Sarah!


All images courtesy of Rowan Spear-Bulmer



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