Pete Dawson wins BMC Lead Open

by Steve Dunning
Posted: 3rd Mar 2018

Pete Dawson wins the first round of the BMC Lead Cup.

Pete Dawson is one of those quiet crushers.

He's been around for a little while now, putting in the hours on the GB youth team, and getting out and about to make hard ascents across the UK and Europe - including multiple 8c and 8c+ routes.

He trains a lot at The Climbing Depot Manchester, and we started sponsoring him to help with training, and trips abroad. Just recently, he won the first round of the BMC Lead cup in Awesome walls Sheffield - so we got in touch to ask him about it!

Hi Pete, can you you tell us a little about the competition?

So basically the competition was a BMC Lead open which is part of the BMC cup. These are a series of three competitions held across the country. This one was held at Awesome walls Sheffield and was the first of the cup.

I always like the first one because you can’t tell who will has busted a gut over winter training or who has eaten too much turkey! The ones to beat are less certain and I always want to prove I haven’t been the one on the mince pies.

Can you tell us a little about the format?

The format is one attempt on each two qualifying routes - then, if you do well enough, a final route to decide the winners. I was feeling good and got to the top of both qualifying routes. On the second I felt so fresh I took my time on the final crux moves to show the route who’s boss!

How was the final?

The final is ‘onsight’ so you have to climb the route without seeing anyone on it before. This way puts much greater emphasis on the tactical side and means you get even more pumped solving how to climb the wall. The route had a huge jump at half height courtesy of the setter Yann Genoux . This was a great move to stick, I felt like a proper rock star! The final part had large volumes with no good part and I got stumped by that. This was enough to land me in first position.

Any pictures?

Here's a snap from the Head setter of the event - Yann Genoux of the big dyno

Pete is sponsored by The Climbing Depot and La Sportiva


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