Academy YCS 2020 Results

by Steve Dunning
Posted: 28th Oct 2018

YCS Round Two North West

Alice Bigger 7th out of 13 youth C

Theo Wentworth 6th out of 7 youth C

Corinne Powell 4th out of 10 youth D

Isolde Powell 1st out of 3 youth E

Phoebe Harrop 2nd out of 3 youth E 


Jake Crowther 3rd out of 8


YCS Round One Yorkshire & North East

The Academy kids had a lot of fun with many of them competing in their first competition.


YCS Round One North West Region

Corinne Powell 3rd of 12

Lila West 11th of 16
Alice Bigger 9th of 16

Theo Wentworth 4th of 7

Phoebe Harrop 3rd of 5
Isolde Powell 4th of 5
Renae Jackson 5th of 5