Academy News: BLCC2018 Results

by Steve Dunning
Posted: 8th Oct 2018

BLCC2018 Results


Big congratulations to all the members of our team that made the long trip to take part in the British Lead Climbing Championships 2018.


**B boys 21 in cat**

Dayan Akhtar 8th FINALS
Dom Donnell 10th

**C boys 15 in cat**

Theo Cassini 9th

**C girls 21 in cat**

Edie Carr 4th FINALS
Sarah Walker Palin 5th FINALS
Saveena Fillingham 10th
Emma Edwards 10th
Jess Claxton Daniels 11th



Dayan Akhtar 6th
Sarah Walker Palin 4th
Edie Carr 5th