Depot Schools Cup 2018 - write-up, results and photos

by dan crossdale
Posted: 16th Mar 2018


SC18 scores v2

The Depot School’s Cup 2018

Once again, a wide range of competitors made their way to the Depot Leeds to participate in the eagerly anticipated return of the School’s Cup. Like the previous year, the competition was open to all key stages and was set with even the youngest potential competitors in mind. Due to the high demand and popularity of the competition however, the setting also had to accommodate for the most talented climbers, meaning the problems ranged from V0 for beginners to V8 for the more ‘veteran competitors’, such as climbers from the Depot Academy. At 9:30 on the 14th of March, the competitors were allowed onto the mats, kicking off the competition.

As the competition progressed, it was clear that the setters, GB Senior Team Athlete Dave Barrans and former GB climber Rob Haigh had successfully created a set of boulders which were imaginative and challenging, while still being accessible to climbers of all ages. The growth of the competition was evident in the number of climbers that took part, as the Depot saw its highest turn out for a school’s competition, drawing schools from across Yorkshire. This high turnout, coupled with the staggered format of the competition allowed climbers to experience a genuine bouldering competition while also having more freedom and time to take on each problem, rather than trying to analyse and attempt each problem under pressing time constraints.

It was clear that competitors from all schools had the intentions of helping their school attempt to claim victory, playing a team game instead of aiming for individual glory. This helped each team representing the school build impressive, collective scores across the board and although some incredible scores were entered, they merely improved the score of the team allowing the Schools Cup to reach new heights in the scores of this competition.

The importance of team spirit became abundantly clear when it came to results for the high school category as St Mary’s Menston managed to clench victory for the second year in a row, without having any competitors win their division. This was a testament to the fact that this competition was a team comp, not just one for individuals. Similarly, Cottingley achieved victory for the second year in a row however, their team took the top 2 spots in the key stage 2 category, providing a convincing win. Once again both St Mary’s and Cottingley have stood up to formidable opposition and taken home the School’s cup, begging the question can either of these teams be knocked off the top spot, or will they deliver the hat-trick in next years competition?


A huge thank you and congratulations to all competitors that took part in this year’s event and we look forward to another great competition next year.

Thank you to Beyond Hope for providing some great freebies for the competitors.


Written by Johnny Cracknell


Full results here.