Depot Youth Cup Round Up

by Steve Dunning
Posted: 24th Sep 2017

Depot Youth Cup 2017

On Saturday 16th of September we hosted our 3rd ever Depot Youth Cup at Depot Manchester.

One of the most attractive aspects of The Depot Youth Cup, is that it allows climbers of all ages and abilities to get their first taste of competition without having to worry about the pressure that often comes with more serious events.

With 231 entrants, this marked our most successful turn out yet and proved a great testament to the ever-growing popularity of climbing and junior participation in the sport.

For those of you who are relatively new to competitive climbing, it’s worth giving you a bit of background information on how the Junior Categories work, along with the general setup of the day: 

  • Instead of all ages competing together, categories are split according to age, with the youngest being classified 'Group E', all the way through to the oldest in 'Group A'.
  • The qualification round comes first, and each of the competitors must make attempts to climb the 20 boulders set for their category.
  • If a climb is completed on the first attempt (a flash) they collect 10pts, second attempt 7 pts, and third attempt 4pts. Bonus holds are available on each climb, providing 1 point for each one reached.

Setting for these events is always tricky, as the aim of the qualifications is to separate the top five climbers in each category to advance into the final.
However, due to the unbelievably high standard of juniors, we saw a number of drawn results. The Female Youth B category was particularly strongly contested, and 9 girls in total were advanced into the final!


In the Youth E Boy category:

  • Jem Cassini and Oliver Goodwin qualified in joint fifth with 190pts,
  • Oscar Preston took fourth place with on 194 pts
  • with Yusuf Hussain coming in just above him on 197pts.
  • Tied in first place were Tom Steele and Max Dalton who both scored a full 200pts

A wider split was more notable in the Youth E girls group.

  • Daisy Fallows and Emily Hearn both took fifth place on 152pts
  • Jessica Baker came in fourth with 159pts.
  • Rose Stomp took 169pts to secure 3rd
  • Lucie Cooper put in a great effort nail second place with 187pts.
  • However, that dominant force in this category was Fae MacDougall who took first with a clean sweep on 200pts.

The Youth D Boys qualification was close.

  • First was a draw for fifth between Ben Stephens and Liam Read with 190pts.
  • Next was a three way draw for second place! Kishan Fillingham, Cameron kemp and Fred Williams all matched each other scoring 191pts.
  • Kai Main, however, seemed ahead of the rest of the field with yet another clean sweep.

Youth D Girls was another close fought round.

  • With 190pts, Rosa Arnold. Aether Blake, Grace Coxon Sarah Walker-Palin and Jessica Claxton-Daniels all came in joint fourth.
  • Nusy Hussain and Lily Kinnersley both challenged for second place with Lily just pipping Nusy to it.
  • Which left Lucy Garlick to cruise home to first place with 197pts.

Youth C Boys was another highly contested group.

  • Leo Skinner and Finn Anthoine Hayward came joint fourth on 194pts,
  • Zak Brown and Jack MacDougall both secured second place with 197
  • and Felix Warren nailed first place with 200pts.

In Youth C Girls:

  • Saveena Fillingham took fifth with 184pts
  • whilst Louise Flockhart secured fourth on 187pts.
  • The remaining three girls all took joint first with Gwen Morgan, Tilly Vasic amd Edie Carr all scoring 190pts.

Youth B Boys was very close with the top five guys only being split by 6pts.

  • Tai Tewksbury came fifth of 185pts.
  • Lian Somer scored 187pts to get fourth.
  • Ben Smith and Dayan Akhtar came in joint second on 190pts and
  • Jake Collins sealed first place on 191pts! A close fight indeed.

Youth B Girls was hands down the most competitive.

  • On 171pts, Cayla, Lauran Barnett, Zoe Grainger, Megan Wyatt, Ruby Wood, Airlie Barlase, Grace Trenchard and Rosie Stobbs all came joint second.
  • Marijke Booth was able to best them all and take first recording 178pts.

Youth A Boys was closely fought out between the top 5 chaps.

  • Tobias Brewin took home 190pts for fifth place
  • whilst John Golder and Sam Butterworth tied in 3rd on 191pts.
  • Kieran Forrest just missed out on first place with 194pts.
  • And Elliot Verry was the man to beat going into the finals.

Finally, the Youth A Girls demonstrated a nice split for all the top five finalists.

  • Joanne Pimplett scored 164pts for fifth place,
  • Eve Brocksom took 165pts for fourth,
  • Laura Scales 167pts for third,
  • Rebecca Stephens 171 for second
  • and Lizzie Nicholls 181pts forfirst place.


This year’s final took on a new timing system to last year. The new format for the world cup finals is 4mins dead. If the climber is still on the wall when 4mins is hit, they must drop off regardless of where they are at. We replicated this for the DYC final.

In this format, the athletes are given a viewing period in which they are allowed to look at the final climbs. This is the point at which they can decide on the most efficient and effective way to try and attempt the climb. It’s an opportunity to discuss with fellow competitors what their thoughts are on the boulder problem. After the viewing period is over, the athletes are taken back to isolation to begin their final preparations before they start climbing. The climbers are then brought out separately in reverse order of the qualification.

Although the final’s proved ‘slightly’ time consuming (due to the sheer quantity of finalists), it’s fair to say that the talent and skill level was a notch above last year.

The advance of climbing as a sport is clearly paying off with the juniors who are coming through today. The skill, strength, flexibility and pure determination displayed by the juniors on the final stage was incredible. These are all traits you would expect to see from a seasoned athlete, not a 7-year-old.


Full results can be found here.

Youth E Boy

• 1st Tom Steele
• 2nd Yusuf Hussain
• 3rd Oscar Preston

Youth E Girl

• 1st Fae MacDougall
• 2nd Lucie Cooper
• 3rd Rose Stomp

Youth D Boy

• 1st Kai Main
• 2nd Fred Williams
• 3rd Kishan Fillingham

Youth D Girl

• 1st Lily Kinnersly
• 2nd Lucy Garlick
• 3rd Nusy Husain

Youth C Boy

• 1st Felix Warren
• 2nd Zak Brown
• 3rd Jack MacDougall

Youth C Girl

• 1st Gwen Morgan
• 2nd Tilly Vasic
• 3rd Louise Flockhart

Youth B Boy

• 1st Jake Collins
• 2nd Dayan Akhtar
• 3rd Tai Tewkesbury

Youth B Girl

• 1st Megan Wyatt
• Marijke Booth
• 3rd Grace Trenchard

Youth A Boy

• 1st John Golder
• 2nd Elliot Verry
• 3rd Tobias Brewin

Youth A Girl

• 1st Lizzie Nicholls
• 2nd Laura Scales
• 3rd Rebecca Stephens


Finally, this event wouldn’t be possible without the help of A LOT of people. Firstly, a massive thank you to the The Depot Team for their efforts on the day. 

A huge thank you to some of the sponsors who provided equipment for the prize giving and the raffle. In this case, Metolius, Evolv, Moon, Beta Climbing Designs and Boreal all chipped in to help with some great prizes.

A big thank you to Nigel for making us some unique trophies for this event.

Thank you to all the volunteers who helped marshall  and judge on the day.

And finally, a massive thank you to all the parents who give up their day. 

The Depot Youth Cup will be back next year and we hope to make it much bigger and better!


The live feed from the finals is available from our facebook page here: