Summer Bouldering League - Leeds

by dan crossdale
Posted: 22nd Sep 2017


Summer League 2017 final results v3


The Summer League 2017: That’s a Wrap!


The Summer Bouldering League, a competition focusing on prolonged consistency, came to a dramatic end for 2017, producing some outstanding results and a fantastic turnout. Many climbers flocked to The Depot to take advantage of a double points final round, to bump up their scores and make a play for some of the prizes on offer. After an arduous four-month process, some incredible scores were produced by competitors of all ages, coming to a dramatic end on Friday the 22nd of September. Consistency and concentration were truly tested by setters Rob, Ian and Myles as any mistakes could be costly on the double points night.

The night itself created an atmosphere not usually seen in a league competition. The gravity of the competition was evident in the attitude of the climbers, but still maintained the social, welcoming atmosphere frequently produced by The Depot. Further additions to the atmosphere came from a relentless reggae set, produced by Dave of Scratch Chicken, all coming together to set the stage for a dramatic conclusion to the Summer League 2017…

Phenomenal scores were produced by many competitors in a variety of categories. The 7-11 Female categories saw Anna Mountney take the prize for first place with an impressive score of 820 points overall. However, it wasn’t a clear-cut win, with Nusy Hussain placing in a close 2nd, with 818 points. Fae MacDougall clenched 3rd place, clearing 4th by over 200 points, giving us a clear top three for summer 2017. The male 7-11 category was a similar story, with the top 3 being just under 100 points ahead. Depot academy members took the top two places, with Oliver Knox-Renshaw taking first place and Theo Cassani coming in second. However, third place seems to be more of an underdog story with Freddie Carter, a kid’s club regular, achieving an impressive 3rd place, with an overall score of 827.

Female 12-15 produced a much more clear-cut winner as Holly Toothill finished the competition with a stunning 1403 points, topping her category by over 200 points. Matijke Booth took second place, still scoring over 1000 points and Frances Turner came in third with 774 points. The male category saw a much closer result with Sam Butterworth and Morgan Dunnigan being separated by only 10 points, Sam managing to top his category. Jed Horne-Weston took 3rd place, with a score of 1024 points overall.

Both male and female Veteran categories produced clear cut winners. Justin Plumtree took first place for the male category, with a convincing lead of 1467 points overall. Greg Smith took 2nd place and Rob Calver placed 3rd each achieving incredibly impressive scores. Clare James won the female Veteran category, with a score of 997 overall, followed by Lyanne Haywood in 2nd. Sue Odell clenched 3rd place by only 7 points.

Senior male was won by Joe Swales who, with a last minute, fleeting appearance allowed him to achieve 1st place with an incredible 1488 points overall. Kody James-Bradley came in a close 2nd with 1470 points and James Hindle took 3rd place with 1427 points overall. Senior female saw it go right to the wire with Holly Rayfield going into the final with a 1-point lead over Poppy Culshaw. Incredibly, Poppy managed to pull it back, leaving us with a tie for 1st place in the Senior female category, both Poppy and Holly achieving 1158 points overall. Amy Johnstone came in a close 3rd place with 1125 points, convincingly qualifying for her place.

This year’s Summer League produced some incredible results and our first tie for first place in a senior category, highlighting the consistency that is required by this competition. That’s a wrap on the league for summer 2017, however we can look forward to the Battle of Britain’s return on the 11th of November in Manchester and then the beginning of the Winter league 2017/18.

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The Summer Bouldering League is sponsored by Black Diamond.