Teams Competition 2018 - Writeup and Results

by Steve Dunning
Posted: 18th Jun 2018



Teams - The second edition

On the 16th of June 2018, The Depot Climbing centre hosted the second iteration of the Team’s Comp. Following a wildly successful previous year, this competition had to have all the creativity and inventiveness produced in 2017.

However, this also had to be a new competition - posing a challenge to Depot route setters as they had to reimagine some of the original problems, and create a competition with variety in abundance, while still being reminiscent of the Team’s Comp 2017.



The event began with a brief from chief setter Rob Haigh, accompanied by Myles Crossley. They took each team captain around the problems, highlighting the fact that there were 19 ‘conventional’ competition problems and 6 ‘unconventional’ team based challenges. Providing a menagerie of all climbing styles, from mantelling to dynoing. Once the brief was over, it was time for each team to get stuck into the problems, attempting to either flash the problems get no points at all.

Problems 1-19 of the competition were set with the intention to be more traditional indoor boulder problems with a few dynamic and co-ordination moves making surprise appearances.
Further challenge was provided by problem 17, which required some knowledge of crack climbing in order to achieve the ascent.
Provided by the Wide-Boys Crack school, the crack volumes provided a particularly unique challenge to each competitor. Many other distinctive holds also made a rare appearance at the competition, from bloc’s volumes to so-ill holds, allowing the teams comp to have a true individual feel, setting it apart from other competitions at the Depot Leeds.

The ‘non-conventional’ problems posed a challenge which generally is not experienced at other indoor competitions, featuring mantles, dynos and campus climbs. These problems were scored by difficulty, with scoring going up in increments of 10, meaning strategy was fundamental to these problems.

Each team member only had 1 go, so were faced with a tough decision. Whether to play it safe with 10 points or go for glory with 40. The mantle problem saw team members sat, stood or spread across their hold as they attempted to battle their way up the climb, to get themselves on top of their hold.
The dyno and campus problems required competitors to fling themselves around the wall, trying to master difficult catches, in order to achieve the highest points available.

An additional challenge, returning from last year, was also included. Placing all four team members on the pull up bar to see how long they could all hang there. This challenge differed from the rest as maintaining psyche was key and a whole team performance was essential to success, as each team was only as strong as their weakest link in this problem.

Other ‘non-conventional climbs were set to also pose a challenge to a whole team. These were based around teams maintaining some form of physical contact throughout their whole climb.

Problems 25 and 21 were two person climbs, requiring teams to split into two groups and attempt the problems while holding hands. These challenges proved to be quite difficult to most climbers as it was something they had not experienced before, gifting spectators with comical dismounts and heroic ascents. The final team challenge was the group slab traverse. This required absolute coordination to successfully cross the slab from start to finish as a team. This challenge may have been more difficult than expected as it saw very few teams attempt it to completion and made even the team dressed as bananas split.

As the team’s competition drew to a finish for 2018, most competitors headed outside to enjoy a pizza from a new local business Wood Int’ Ol, and to take advantage of the Climbing Depot’s temporary alcohol licence, savouring a craft beer from Northern Monk. However, some competitors stuck around, giving problems final attempts and admiring other team’s graceful dismounts…


After hours of mantelling, dynoing and campusing, the teams comp was over. Once pizzas and beer had been bought, it was time to announce the results and crown the champions of the Teams Comp 2018.

The announcements began with random spot prizes - given to teams and individuals for outstanding costumes, team names, or general effort (regardless of success).

In addition to these, raffle prizes were also given at random, allowing any competitor to win prizes from Battle Oats samples, to a free pair of shoes from Scarpa!

The final prizes given away were the ones for the teams who took podium spots. Team ‘only here because it’s raining’ came in third, luckily for them it did rain, as they would have been prizeless if not.

The team placing in second was the ‘Not so ACE team’ who seem to have underestimated themselves in the naming of their team.

And the team who came in first was ‘Tricep-Rokt-Tops’ once again the team travelling from Brighouse managed to clinch victory.

Final Thanks

The Depot Leeds would like to issue a huge thank you to all that took part in this event and made it a competition that stood out from the rest. That’s a wrap for the Team’s Comp 2018, keep an eye out for the next competition announcements and any other events run by the Depot.

Written by Johnny Cracknell