Welsh Boulder Champs 2020

by Steve Dunning
Posted: 10th Feb 2020

The Academy attended the Welsh Boulder Champs on February 1st 2020 at the Climbing Hangar Swansea. Here's the results


Cat A boys 19 in total
Dayan Akhtar 1st

Cat A girls 22 in total
Flo Brailsford 14th
Emelia Essex 18th

Cat B boys 16 in total
Theo Cassini 9th
Jake Crowther 12th

Cat B girls 21 in total
Emma Edwards 7th
Jess Claxton Daniels 8th
Sarah walker Palin 16th

Cat C boys 15 in total
Oliver Knox Renshaw 8th
Jem Cassini 10th
Oliver Goodwin 13th