Varsity 2019 Report

by craig palmer
Posted: 8th Mar 2019

Wednesday 6th March saw The Depot Climbing Centre, Nottingham host the annual Varsity Bouldering Competition between the defending champions University of Nottingham and Nottingham Trent University, which turned out to be our biggest turn out yet!


It started with qualifiers from 2pm in which over 100 students battled it out on 30 problems set by our in-house team of Archie Cameron-Blackie, Andrew Cherry and Beth Garratt as well as Team GB climber Billy Ridal.

There were some great costumes this year from classic tutus to casual pyjamas, and face paint galore as each team donned their respective colours in support! There was some tough competition with a high standard of climbing this year but in the had our 10 finalists picked out from a tightly contested field by 5pm.





Male                                            Female

Alex Wong 267                            Leona Goodey 230
Henry Todman 265                      Lydia Patten 207
Edd Mowbray 261                       Daria Shchedrina 204
Oliver Ferneyhogh 260                Eve Trickett 189
Gordon Weight 254                     Tiffany Tsang 187


From 6pm Finals began on our comp wall. Three challenging problems each for our male and female finalists with 4 minutes to reach the top of each problem!



In the end it was very closely fought in the Male category, where it came down to the number of bonuses reached and the number of attempts to reach each bonus which separated our finalists.


In the Female category Leona Goodey dominated the final with 3 flashes to take first place! Meanwhile it was a tight fight for second and third place but in the end Eve Trickett took second with a top on the final problem.


Male Final                                   Female Final

1st Edd Mowbray                         1st Leona Goodey
2nd Alex Wong                            2nd Eve Trickett
3rd Henry Todman                       3rd Lydia Patten
4th Gordon Weight                      4th Tiffany Tsang & Daria Shchedrina
5th Oliver Ferneyhough


But as this was also a team competition there was still the matter of who won overall.

Taking the top 10 qualifying scores for both male and female from each university, University of Nottingham came out on top with a combined score of 4175 compared to Nottingham Trent’s score of 3859, declaring the University of Nottingham once again reigning champions!



A big thank you to all competitors for turning up and making this our best Varsity comp yet! Thank you also to our volunteer students for judging and scoring our finalists and brushing holds.


Full qualification results can found HERE and photos from both qualifiers and finals can be found HERE.