Sizing Guide


Rock shoes are not fitted the same as street shoes. Your shoe size and rock shoe size may differ by up to 2 sizes! Please be aware of this when placing an order. We have in some cases given our guidelines for fitment (usually a comparison with another model of shoe) however this is only our opinion and the fit of a rock shoe is a personal preference.

Sizing And Fit

At the Depot we offer a first-class in-store fitting service. Our experienced staff are fully trained in getting the correct product to fit your foot. We always recommend that you have previously tried the shoe for fit before ordering.

Fitting Guide

We have endeavoured to provide a fitting guide for all our shoes – with a comparison to other brands and street shoes if possible. However, production tolerances can result in changes to product sizes – a shoe that fits perfect as a 39.5 one season may need to be re-sized the next. If in doubt contact the store on 0113 3459295