Beyond Limits - Steve McClure

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For many years Steve McClure has been one of the World's top climbers. This latest book from Steve McClure gives a view into the life of Steve and how climbing has shaped his life.

Steve McClure is best know for his First-ascents of now famous routes such as Overshadow (F9a+) at Malham, the hardest sport route in the UK and Mutation (F9a) at Raven Tor. He has also on-sighted E8, climbed E11 and Bouldered Font 8B+.

Having been introduced to climbing as a youngster by his parents Steve quickly reached a high standard and push himself to the absolute limit! Despite wanting to push himself, an awareness of the dangers involved held him back.

A chance encounter led to the discovery of sport climbing and with the smaller danger level Steve was able to push his climbing and grade. In this book you experience the personal battles encountered when trying to balance risk with the desire to push yourself in climbing. The ultimate goal is to create a balance and enjoy climbing.

From the back cover...

" Evolution - 8C+. At last. Amazingly I did it. Conditions not amazing, and I think I had a cold too. Managed on the second redpoint attempt of the day. Just six days in total. Felt okay, and had plenty left too. Very pleasing, First route that I've ever been blown away by. This is proper hard. I feel like I've crossed a threshold into the world of hard climbing. Where will this lead me? I looked at Hubble too. Much, much harder. In fact utterly impossible, I'll never do this."