Catalunya Llieda Climbs

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A selective guide book to the Catalan province of Lleida (Northeast Spain). This is the 2nd edition of this guide and offers bouldering, single-pitch routes and multi pitch classics.

The 2nd edition has 88 more pages and approx. 50% more routes than the 1st. The co-author of this book was Dani Andrada, one of he worlds best sport climbers.

The book contains 120 sectors across 22 zones. This adds up to almost 2800 routes between grade III (S) and 9b+.

Additional features: Languages - English, Catalan and Castillian; GPS co-ordinates for key parking areas.

Some of the areas covered:


  • Camarasa
  • St Llorenc de Montgai
  • Cubells - Alos de Balaguer
  • La Pauta - Santa Ana
  • Os de Balaguer
  • Tartareu
  • Santa Linya
  • Ager - Terradets
  • Vilanova de Meia
  • Abella de la Conca
  • Collegats - Olina
  • Coll de Nargo - Perles
  • Figols - Tres Ponts - Cavallers
  • La Cova de Juncosa - El Cogul

Author: Pete O'Donovan & Dani Andrada
No of Pages: 336
Publisher: Pod Climbing
Published Date: November 2010
Edition: 2nd, Nov 2013