Cliff Board Mini

by Awesome Woodys


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This unique design allows the coards the board is supported by to change the angle of the board, massively increasing your options of holds.

Not only for training at home, this doubles up as a great warm up tool for the crag. Easily fitting in a bag it's perfectly portable plus this thing is light, just 550g so no worries about it making your pack too heavy!

Comes with instructions and work out programs for beginers to advanced users to make sure you get the most out of this!

Quick Stats:
• Rails and edges.
• Top rail, 30 mm rounded open handed in-cut.
• 2nd edge, 18 mm rounded flat.
• 3rd edge 15 mm rounded flat.
• Back edge, 10 mm rounded edge.
• 2nd row pockets, 2 x 3 finger pockets 20 mm , 2 x mono's 30 mm, 1 x 2 finger 20 mm.
• 3 x hand holes.

Great for

• Traveling climbers.
• Climbers who want a progressive warm up at the cliff.
• Climbers who work away from home.
• Climbers who can't permanently fix a fingerboard.
• Any climber who wants to stick to a training routine.



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