Fontainebleau, 7+8. 2699 Straight Ups in Fontainebleau

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The 2013 edition of the now classic Fontainebleau guide. Giving a complete and clear guide to the hardest Fontainebleau problems. This full colour guide has 2669 problems from 7a to 8c.

Many circuits are included on the maps to enable easier navigation around the areas and to indentify warm-up problems.

English and French languages; 336 pages; 2669 problems in 100 areas; 72 photos and 27 maps; full colour.

Author: Raaij
No of Pages: 336
Page Size: 218 x 153 mm
Publisher: Bartvan Raaij
Published Date: July 2013
Edition: 1st, Jul 2013
Binding: Paperback