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Some people say, "chalk is chalk." Not true. A team of world-class geologists and chemists recently conducted independent tests , the results were clear: FrictionLabs chalk is the purest chalk on the market!


More Magnesium Carbonate = Drier Hands = Better Performance.

Magnesium Carbonate is what dries your hands in chalk. It is mixed with calcium carbonate and other fillers. When Calcium Carbonate is mixed wirh water it gets slimy. Having high amounts of Magnesium Carbonate keeps your hands drier for longer.

Founded by climbers who became frustrated at the lack of chlak options available, Friction Labs is changing the market to give the best possible options when it comes to chalk. Friction Lab chalks are laboratory-grade magnesium carbonate, no fillers, cutting agents or chemicals!


Specialty Blends - get chalk how you like it not just how it comes


Super Chunky
Our chunkiest blend, for the thick-grip aficionado.


The People’s Champ. Hit the hold like it owes you money.


The stickiest of the icky. This magical blend is what dreams are made of.


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5oz - £11

7.5oz - £14

10oz - £17


Frictile Dysfunction

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