Gimme Kraft! AIR

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** Fist 5 orders receive Signed copies of this book, Signed by Alex Magos during his visit to the sheffiled Depot** 

The latest book from Cafe Kraft following on from the huge success of Gimme Kraft!

Focusing on Mobility, Stability and Strength, Gimme Kraft Air aims to give you the knowledge and skills needed to establish your own training routine. Perfect for anyone from a newbie to a fitness buff.

Through using the information in this book Cafe Kraft say you will get the following benefits: "Faster recovery, better mobility, less prone to injuries, more success, and more fun climbing." 


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Gimme Kraft - Effective climbing training

The ultimate training guide? An insight into the wisdom of many of the most prominent climbers of our time. Includes a DVD with exercises and a bonus-feature interview with Wolfgang Gullich. By Patrick Matros, Ludwig "Dicki" Korb and Hannes Huch