North York Moors and East Coast Bouldering

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The first bouldering guide ever produced for the whole of the North York Moors and East Coast.

This guide by Betaguides is suitable for all abilities with over 2000 problems.

Featuring colour photos and topos which brilliantly show the stunning landscape of the areas covered in this guide.

From remote and hidden areas to the more popular western areas this guide covers them all from Moorland venues to crags high up above the valleys.

The Eastern areas feature many wooded boulders which have been hidden away for years and bouldering right on the Jurassic coastline.

Areas featured include:


  • Low Water Stones
  • High Crag
  • Kay Nest
  • Tranmire Rocks
  • Ravenswick Quarry
  • Thorgill Crag
  • Round Crag
  • Castleton Quarries
  • The Bridestones
  • Glaisdale Head
  • Smuggler's Terrace
  • Boulby
  • Plus many many more.

The North York Moors has many tales to tell of dreamers, explorers and smugglers. This guide hopes to capture the spirit of this beautiful historic area.